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Transcode DJI 4K H.264 Videos to DNxHD for Using in Avid MC

From DJI forum, we found there are a lot of video editing issues between DJI 4K H.264 and Avid MC, Davinci Resolve, etc. Quora like below:

Q1: "I've just dragged one of my 4K clips in to Avid Media composer doesn't like it. It loads the video fine but it plays it back very jerky (the sa…

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Prepare DJI Phantom 2/3/4 4K Videos for Editing in Windows Movie Maker

Summary: Have trouble importing DJI Phantom 4/3/2 4K footage into Windows Movie Maker for further editing? Don't worry! This article aims to share you with a smooth workflow of editing DJI Phantom 4/3/2 4K video files in Windows Movie Maker.

DJI Phantom series, as a wonderful aerial camera, has g…

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