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Rip/Remove AACS protection from Disney Blu-ray to your Desired Format

This instruction explains how to rip and convert Copy-Protected Disney Blu-rays to your desired formats without any hassles.

While, have you ever found yourself in a situation that you want to convert a Disney Blu-ray to a common video but failed to do that? That's because Disney Blu-rays are generally protected by new and complicated copy protection (AACS), which prevents them from being copied or ripped.

AACS: AACS (Advanced Access Content System), originally released in 2005, developed by AACS Administrator LLC, is a kind of copy protection method used to restrict coping of Blu-ray DVD and HD DVD. This Blu-ray copy protection method is supported by Disney, Microsoft, Panasonic, Sony, IBM, Toshiba and Warner Bros.

For copying your Disney Blu-ray discs for backup or for other reasons like watching the Blu-ray movies on your portable devices on the go, you need to remove the Blu-ray copy protection first.

To rip Blu-ray movies, Brorsoft Blu-ray Ripper is highly recommended here. Overall, it is a specialized program that aims at providing the best solution to convert Blu-ray to AVI, MP4, MKV, FLV, MOV etc. with selected subtitles and audio tracks. Moreover, with advanced disc decryption technology support, high converting speed and smooth ripping process will be presented. For Mac users, Blu-ray Ripper for Mac will do a great job in ripping video from Blu ray with optional subtitles. Download the right version and have a look at how it works.

(Note: Click here for OS X 10.5)

Step 1: Load Disney Blu-ray

Insert your Disney Blu-ray disc into your BD drive, run the Disney Blu-ray ripping software and click "BD/DVD disc" icon to load your movies. As you can see, you can preview the loaded Blu-ray files in the right preview window and select Blu-ray audio track/subtitle.

Step 2. Choose output format

Click "Format" bar and select the output video/audio format you like. You can either choose MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, etc. as the output format or select the icon of a device/software to get videos with optimized settings for a certain device/software like iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung, PS3, etc.

Step 3: Rip and copy Disney's (3D) Blu-ray movie

Once the above mentioned steps are finished, you can click "Convert" button to copy Disney Blu-ray movie to either the hard drive of your PC, or to your portable devices, like iPad, Apple TV, Kindle Fire HD, Nexus 7(2), etc.

When the copying/ripping task is completed, you can click "Open" button to get the ripped files of Disney Blu-ray movie. Then, you can play, share Disney Blu-ray with your families anywhere you want.

Additional Tips:

If you are looking for a powerful all-in-one tool to convert videos, Blu-ray movies and DVDs to your VLC, QuickTime, Google Nexus 10/7, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S3/S4, Galaxy Tab 3, Transformer Prime, etc simultaneously saving time and effort, the all-in-one Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate program will be a nice choice for you. If you are running a Mac OS X computer, iMedia Converter Mac is the alternative.

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